Update: Scores killed in ISIL bombings near Baghdad

    Update: Scores killed in ISIL bombings near Baghdad

    Feb 29, Baghdad: At least 70 people have been killed when two bomb blasts targetting a market just outside Baghdad on Sunday. Security forces have been targeted elsewhere in one of Iraq's bloodiest days in recent weeks.

    The explosions, caused by two roadside bombs, left another 100 people injured.

    The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group claimed responsiblity for Sunday's attacks, the deadliest of which hit the predominantly Shia neighbourhood of Sadr City, just north of the Iraqi capital Baghad.

    According to sources, the first bomb exploded on a motorcycle followed by a suicide bomber blowing himself up as people gathered to help the injured from the first blast.

    The Baghdad blasts occurred just hours after government troops and policemen came under attack from ISIL, which has seized territory both in Iraq and Syria.

    In Abu Ghraib, west of Baghdad, a number of policemen were kidnapped after an attack there.

    The Oslo Times


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