Save the Children says maternity hospital bombed in Syria

    Save the Children says maternity hospital bombed in Syria

    July 29, Damascus: A maternity hospital in north-western Syria has been bombed, causing casualties among patients and staff, according to Save the Children. 

    The charity group said that the bomb, from an air strike, hit the entrance to the hospital in rural Idlib province.

    Images show part of the building destroyed. The number of casualties is not yet clear. Tthe hospital is the biggest in the area, carrying out more than 300 deliveries a month, the charity said. It is not clear who carried out the air strike.

    A Save the Children spokeswoman said the hospital treats about 1,340 women and children every month with an average number of 322 births in the same period. The charity supports the hospital through its partner, Syria Relief.

    Activists say US-led coalition air strikes have killed 28 civilians in a northern Syrian village. The US says it is investigating The UN's envoy to Syria has appealed to Russia to let the UN manage safe corridors from besieged areas of the city of Aleppo

    About 300,000 people are trapped in rebel-held eastern Aleppo, under intense bombardment.

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