Saudi king Salman Satisfied with the US assurances regarding Iran deal

    Saudi king Salman Satisfied with the US assurances regarding Iran deal

    Aug 9, Riyadh: President Barrack Obama after his meeting with the Saudi King Salman stated that Saudi Arabia is happy with his assurance that the Iran nuclear deal will not cause a problem in the region.

    Also according to, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir his country was satisfied that the deal would contribute to security and stability in the region. Minister Jubeir, also said he hoped Iran would use the windfall from the lifting of sanctions for its own development rather than engage in what he termed as "nefarious activities in the region".

    "The president explained and affirmed that the agreement prevents Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, has a robust and unprecedented inspections regime that includes inspections of all sites... and that has provision for snap back of sanctions should Iran violate the terms of their agreement," he added.

    The Saudi foreign minister also said assurances had been given to President Obama that efforts would be made to relieve the humanitarian situation in Yemen.
    This is the Saudi Royal's first trip to the US since he assumed the throne. During the talks President Obama pressed King Salman to ensure humanitarian organisations were given unrestricted access to Yemen, where the Saudis are leading a coalition against the Houthi rebel movement."We share concerns about Yemen and the need to restore a function government that is inclusive and that can relieve the humanitarian situation there," Obama said after the meeting.

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