Saudi Arabia planning mass execution

    Saudi Arabia planning mass execution

    Nov 27, Riyadh: Amnesty International has expressed its concern at the Saudi Arabia's government of planning mass execution in connection with terrorist crimes on a single day. 

    According to media reports, 55 people are awaiting execution for "terrorist crimes", while a now-deleted report by Al-Riyadh said 52 would die soon. Those awaiting executions are thought to be be Shia involved in anti-government protests. Amnesty believes at least 151 people have been put to death in Saudi Arabia so far this year -- the highest recorded figure since 1995. 

    In 2014, the total number of executions carried out was reported to be 90. The Saudi newspaper reports said those facing execution included "al-Qaeda terrorists" and people from the Awamiya area. The alleged al-Qaeda militants were accused of attempting to overthrow the government and carry out attacks using small arms, explosives and surface-to-air missiles, a report said.

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