Russia announces economic sanctions on Turkey

    Russia announces economic sanctions on Turkey

    Nov 29, Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced economic sanctions on Turkey. The announcement comes after Russian jet was shot down by Turkey on the Syrian border on Tuesday.

    A decree published on the Kremlin websites on Saturday has banned some unspecified goods and forbid extensions of labour contracts for Turks working in Russia from January 1. It also calls to end chartered flights from Russia to Turkey and for Russian tourism companies to stop selling
    vacation packages to Turkey.

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has earlier refused to apologise to Russia.

    On Friday, he accused Moscow of "playing with fire" in its Syria operations. But on Saturday, he said he was "saddened" by the downing of the jet.

    Both Russia and Turkey has major important economic linkages. Russia is second largest trading partner with Turkey and more than 3 million

    Russian tourist had visited Turkey last year. There are around 90,000 Turkish national working in Russia and taking families into account it is around 200,000 Turks living in Russia.

    The Oslo Times


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