Rohingya Hindus being massacred by Rohingya Muslims: Exclusive Report

    Rohingya Hindus being massacred by Rohingya Muslims: Exclusive Report

    Oct 3, Dhaka: Amidst the rising Rohingya refugee crisis, crimes against Rohingya hindus has come into light.

    According to Rohingya hindu women who escaped to Bangladesh, their villages were attacked by masked men who killed all the men in their villages and forcefully converted them into Islam by showing them hope of mercy if they converted. 

    “The Burmese government has not done anything to protect us, they did nothing for us when we were attacked by masked men who told us that if we want to save our families we should become muslims,” said one Hindu Rohingya refugee woman Rika Dhar who escaped from Myanmar recently.

    Dhar is among the hundreds of Rohingya hindus who fled their villages after attacks by muslim masked men. According to her, on 27 august, a masked terror group of masked muslim men  encircled their houses at Fakirabazar area in Rakhaine state at about 7 pm  and brutally  killed 108 males and families by tied up their hands and mouths.
    However, at least 532 Hindu family members escaped into Bangladesh and took shelter at Rohingya refugee camp near Kutupalang Loknath Mandir. These Hindu Rohingya refugees have been staying at Shasri Poultry firm for the last 22 days.

    Likewise, another hindu Rohingya woman, A resident of Chikojiri Hindupara  of Rakhaine state  Anika Dhar said that the masked terrorists killed her husband and chopped  other members of her family. While, one escapee Promila Shil said her family members were killed brutally as the masked men chopped them up piece after piece first the eyes, hands & mouth, and tied up the women.

    In some cases both the men and women in the families were killed leaving children orphaned like Kishore Kumar, Tapan Shil, Palash Shil, who were recovered from a Muslim refugee camp and brought to a Hindu camp. According to human rights organizations like, Hindu Buddha Christian Oikya Parishad and Research and Empowerment Organization these refugees want to go back home but are too scared to return due to the mass massacre by Muslim terrorists.

    “Hindu Rohinga refugees have not received relief and unlike in other camps housing the muslim community they haven’t received government aid from the Bangladesh,” Research and Empowerment Organization stated today.
    The Hindu refugees at Kutupalang  camp have also stated that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina  has shown humanity by giving  them shelters in Bangladesh  but we have no food, no  houses to stay  and became victims of violence  in  camps by other community people.

    Case Study:
    My name is Rajkumari- 16 years old, Chikonjhora, Myanmar. On 24 August 2017, we slept at night suddenly, we awoke to sound of people forcefully entering our houses, they wore black clothes. They entered into our house and took my father Milon Sharma and hacked him to death with sharp weapons. After that, they took my mother and two of my sisters forcefully brought them into the jungle in our yard and raped them brutally after that they killed them.
    My elder brother, Grandparents were shot to death in front of my eyes. I could not even move due to fear, I was statue. After killing 7 of my family members, one the killer came towards me and said see the blood. We killed everybody if you want to survive then marry me and you must to be a Muslim.
    Rajkumari agreed to become a Muslim. After that they took me into a jungle, they stayed two days in a jungle.

    On 27th August, Rajkumari was brought into Bangladesh wearing a Borka( Hizab). Rajkumari was brought into a house at the Kutupalong Camp at cox's bazaar, Bangladesh.  One Rohingya Muslim fetema is the owner of that slums room at the Kutupalong Camp. Rajkumari stayed one night there. On 29th August, few people informed to Mr. Rezaul Karim-A local representative of UHNCR and he rescued me with the help of local volunteers and sent me to the Ukhiya Police station. On Wednesday, 30th August, the police sent me the local member Mr. Shapon Sharma.

    Mr Shama. Rajkumari Told to us that one blacked covered man name is Nurul Huq and he brought her in Bangladesh. However, Fatema and Nurul Huq are close to each other and several times they visited Myanmar. People told to us Nurul Haq has a connection of ARSA and he is staying here in Bangladesh since 1991 and frequently visited Myanmar. However, the police are trying to arrest the Nurul Huq and Fetema. 
    A local activist Sawpan Kumar Sharma through his own efforts took initiative to give shelter the refugees in his own farm house at Cox Bazaar. According to him there are 108 Hindu Rohingya men, 133 women, 65 girls, 97 boys, 26 old people and 68 young girls at the camp.

    Health concerns are rapidly rising as monsoon rains increase risk of disease

    Poor access to clean drinking water and basic health services, in addition to the monsoon rains, means that there is an increased risk of water-borne diseases such as cholera in their camp.
    Such an outbreak could spread rapidly through crowded Chicken Farm where Hindu Rohingya sheltered and informal settlements. 

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