Rise in women prisoners worldwide: Study

    Rise in women prisoners worldwide: Study

    Sept.23, London: Over 700,000 women and girls are being held in prisons around the world and the number has risen 50 percent since 2000, a report said.

    The study done by the London-based Institute for Criminal Policy Research said that women and girls were an extremely vulnerable and disadvantaged group. They tend to be victims of crime and abuse themselves.

    Just three countries - the US, China and Russia - make up around half the total female prison population. The report is based on data from 219 countries and dependant territories.

    The total number for women and girls in jail is likely to be higher, researchers said, as some countries did not supply figures and the Chinese data was incomplete.

    African countries have the lowest proportion of women in jail, while El Salvador, Brazil, Cambodia and Indonesia have all seen sharp increases.

    The Oslo Times


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