Rights of Nigerian children with physical demormities violated

    1454093731394.jpg By Mohammad Ibrahim
    Rights of Nigerian children with physical demormities violated

    March 7, Abuja: Nigeria's children with Physical deformities and special need may face extinction due to increasing discrimination,hatred,stigma,rejection at home and in the communities they live in.

    Such kind of children face all forms of Child right violation,Humiliation and intimidation at home and communities due to their unusual and natural looks in nature.

    This was disclosed by  General Overseer of Christ Evangelical Intercessary Fellowship Ministry based in Kaduna, North- West Nigeria, Pastor Yohanna Buru.

    The pastor said parents with such kind of children usually hide them at home,some even killed them while other send them away or throw them somewhere very far away from them.

    ” There are daily challenges confronting the survivors of those children in Africa as a result of neglect and total rejection which start from their home down to communities.

    "Many of them were always been locked at home,and lack  freedom to express  their view in a family union”

    Pastor Buru said there is a reason why God created children with special need, destitute and other creatures in this planet,adding that any one looking down or laughing at them is fighting with the creator Almighty God.

    'We call on parents and communities to show love,care and support children with deformities. We appeal to parent to immensely halt hiding such children due to their strange looks," he said.

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