Republican Trump knocks out Marco Rubio with Florida win

    Republican Trump knocks out Marco Rubio with Florida win

    March 16, Washington: United States Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has scored a major win in the Florida primary but lost to John Kasich in Ohio.

    Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton extended her lead with wins projected in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina, reports said.

    Meanwhile, Marco Rubio dropped out of the Republican race after losing in his home state of Florida to Trump.

    Trump was aiming to cement his lead on Tuesday and scored big in the winner-takes-all Florida primary, taking all 99 of the state's delegates, taking nearly 46 percent of the vote, ahead of Rubio on about 27 percent.

    The billionaire is also set to win in Illinois and North Carolina.

    On the Democratic side, Clinton, 68, also captured the Florida primary and won North Carolina and Ohio as she aimed to put some distance between herself and Sanders, 74, in primaries in the same states, Al Jazeera reported.

    Five big states have been choosing their preferred candidate for November's presidential election.

    The Oslo Times


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