Republican Rubio and Trump row over Islam 'hate'

    Republican Rubio and Trump row over Islam 'hate'

    March 11, Washington: Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio has attacked Donald Trump for saying that Islam hates America, in a televised debate in Miami, media reports said.

    Rubio, who faces a do-or-die contest in Florida on Tuesday, said Islam had a problem with radicalisation but said that many Muslims were proud Americans.

    He said, "Presidents can't just say whatever they want. It has consequences."

    The four Republicans heeded pleas from party leaders to have a civil debate.

    Unlike in the last TV event, which was littered with personal insults, this one was more substantive with a focus on policy.

    Rubio said: "I'm not interested in being politically correct. I'm interested in being correct."

    On Tuesday five large states will vote for presidential candidate in each party, with Ohio Governor John Kasich and Mr Rubio, a Florida senator, under pressure to win their home states.

    The Oslo Times


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