Republican Cruz wins Wisconsin in blow to Trump

    Republican Cruz wins Wisconsin in blow to Trump

    April 6, Washington: Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has decisively won the Wisconsin primary, complicating front-runner Donald Trump's path to the nomination.

    In the Democratic race, Bernie Sanders scored a strong victory over Hillary Clinton in the Midwestern state, reports said.

    Trump leads the Republican race, but there are concerns that he could fall short of the number of delegates needed to secure the party's nomination. His rivals have pinned their hopes on a contested convention.

    At a contested convention, party leaders, not voters, would choose the nominee.

    "Tonight is a turning point, it is a rallying cry to the people of America," Cruz told supporters in Milwaukee on Tuesday. "We are winning because we are uniting the Republican Party."

    Cruz is unlikely to earn enough delegates to win the nomination outright, but Republican Party leaders have rallied around the Texas senator in hopes of wounding Trump, BBC reported.

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