Protests could steal the show from Trump’s inauguration

    Protests could steal the show from Trump’s inauguration

    Jan.20, NY: Demonstrations don’t normally mar inaugural festivities, but President-elect Donald Trump could join former Presidents Richard Nixon and George W. Bush as the most protested incoming commanders-in-chief in US history.

    The National Park Service has credentialed at least 28 protest groups on the National Mall, and is expecting more than 350,000 demonstrators, Politico reported, citing an internal agency spreadsheet. A typical inauguration sees only five or six such requests.

    Democratic lawmakers, mostly in the House of Representatives, will be boycotting the Trump inauguration, but most demonstrations against the incoming administration will be far more vocal and visible.

    Protests kicked off in the nation’s capital on Wednesday night, with an LGBT dance party in front of Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s temporary home. That event was hosted by DisruptJ20, a  broad coalition of far-left groups.

    Not all protests are against Trump though. Some people are rallying to show their support for the billionaire businessman-cum-politician.

    The protests will start early on Friday, the day of the inauguration, with a demonstration by the ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Coalition starting at 7am at the Navy Memorial.

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