President Barack Obama:Anti-Muslim rhetoric has no place in America

    President Barack Obama:Anti-Muslim rhetoric has no place in America

    Jan 3,Baltimore: President Barack Obama visited a mosque in Baltimore to address the Muslim community and talk to them about the core values as a nation.
    While addressing the members of the muslim community at the Islamic Society of Baltimore mosque in Maryland, President Obama pointed out the unfortunate recent political discourse as politicians and pundits negatively associate millions of Americans with a small fraction of terrorists. He also condemned what he called "inexcusable political rhetoric" about Islam, before adding that anti-Muslim rhetoric had "no place in our country".

    According to The White House the visit was intended as a defence of religious freedom and a statement against bigotry. "The first thing I want to say is two words that Muslim-Americans don't hear often enough, and that is: thank you," Mr Obama said at the start of his speech.
    "Thank you for serving your community, thank you for lifting up the lives of your neighbours, and for helping keep us strong and united as one American family."

    This move by the President comes after the recent anti-muslim remarks by presidential candidate Donald Trump,  who has called for a ban on Muslims entering the US.

    The Oslo Times

    He further stated that he recognised that Muslim-Americans were being "targeted and blamed for the acts of a few".Many only hear about Muslims and Islam from the news after an act of terror, or in a distorted media portrayal on TV or in a film".