Police arrest man suspected of Beijing hotel 'assault'

    Police arrest man suspected of Beijing hotel 'assault'

    April 8, Beijing: Chinese police have arrested a man in connection with a high-profile video that appears to show a woman being assaulted in a Beijing hotel, media reports said.

    The 24-year-old male suspect surnamed Li was caught in Henan province on Thursday night, Beijing police said on their Sina Weibo microblog.

    The video, taken from the hotel's CCTV footage, was viewed widely online in recent days and sparked public anger. The hotel's parent company has apologised over the incident.

    The video was uploaded on Sina Weibo, a popular microblogging network in China, earlier this week and quickly went viral, with posts about the subject attracting more than two billion views.

    It shows a woman being approached by a man in a black jacket, who then appears to attack her.

    The uploader of the video, who claimed to be the woman, said she did not know the man, and that a staff member who saw them did not intervene, BBC news reported.

    The incident took place at the Beijing branch of the Heyi hotel chain, known as Yitel in English.

    Homeinns, the parent company of the hotel, has apologised for "insufficient security management and customer service".

    China has seen several incidents in recent years where bystanders have refused to help those in need.

    Many are reluctant to intervene because there have been cases where injured people have subsequently blamed those who came to their aid for causing the injuries - and sued them.

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