Philippines Rodrigo Duterte wins presidency

    Philippines Rodrigo Duterte wins presidency

    May 10, Manila: Philippine’s Hardline anti-crime candidate Rodrigo "Digong" Duterte won the presidential elections, following the withdrawal of his opponents.

    Although the official result has not yet been declared, main rival Mar Roxas admitted defeat after polls gave Mr Duterte an unassailable lead.

    Duterte, who stirred controversy during campaigning with his incendiary comments, said he accepted the apparent mandate with "extreme humility," reports said.

    Duterte, 71, credited his success to his tough stance on law and order. His record as the crime-crushing mayor of the southern town of Davao, once notorious for its lawlessness, earned him the moniker The Punisher and resonated with voters.

    Rodrigo Duterte, a man dubbed by his rivals as an executioner who would being terror to the Philippines, has won the presidency by a clear margin, polling nearly twice as many votes as his nearest rivals, BBC news reports.

    Duterte has a formidable task in a country still hampered by poverty and poor infrastructure - just meeting the lofty expectations he raised during his campaign will be hard enough.

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