Pentagon to launch investigation into photo scandal

    Pentagon to launch investigation into photo scandal

    Mar 11, Washington DC: The Pentagon will lodge a full investigation into a nude photo scandal affecting the American armed forces.

    The scandal began when nude photos of female Marines were published online by male colleagues, but fewer than 10 female Marines have come forward to make a formal complaint, a top Marine official said.

    It reportedly had over 30,000 members before being shut down. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service has begun an investigation into the practice in the Marines.Since then, it has emerged that other anonymous online message boards have been soliciting and publishing hundreds of nude photos of female personnel from other armed forces.

    Speaking at a Pentagon news conference on Friday, General Neller said he did not know how many Marines were involved in the posting, or how many have been targeted."If you're participating in this type of behaviour in any way shape or form - you're not helping me or your Marine Corps," he said."You know we claim that being a Marine is a special title and something that you earn. There's honour here. But there is no honour in denigrating a fellow Marine in any way shape or form."

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