Paris climate conference inches towards deal

    Paris climate conference inches towards deal

    Dec 11, Paris: Representatives at the UN climate summit have been working all day and night to try to reach a global agreement, with talks in their final day. It is expected that the deal will be signed on Friday, though the timings are uncertain.

    Delegates worked through Thursday night on a draft version to iron out the key barriers to an agreement.

    The document drafted on Wednesday, running to just 29 pages in total, was considerably smaller than previous versions. The latest version, delivered after consultations throughout Thursday, was 27 pages

    Participants at COP21 have been working on a draft text, prepared by the French presidency, since Wednesday, news reports said.

    This was seen as a significant moment after discussions that began in 2011 about a new global agreement that would stake out a long-term strategy for dealing with climate change.

    Any deal signed in Paris climate conference would come into being in 2020.

    The Oslo Times


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