Paris climate change conference likely to discuss on terror attacks

    Paris climate change conference likely to discuss on terror attacks

    Nov 29, Paris: Around 40,000 heads of state, diplomats, scientists, activists, policy experts, and journalists will come to attend a critical United Nations climate meeting in Paris on Monday which runs until December 11.

    Nearly 150 global leaders are gathering in Paris on Sunday for biggest confernce on climate change, amid tight security.

    The summit is organized by the United Nations and is primarily aimed at producing an agreement that will serve as the world’s blueprint for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to the impacts of global warming. This is a major milestone in the climate change saga, and it has been in the works for years.

    The conference, known as COP21, will attempt to craft a long-term deal to limit carbon emissions.

    Observers said that the recent terror attacks on the French capital will increase the chances of a new agreement.

    The government is set to be far bigger than the 115 or so who came to Copenhagen in 2009, the last time the world came close to agreeing a long term deal on climate change, news reports said.

    According to local news reports, a former UK government adviser on climate change and now chairman of environmental think tank E3G, Tom
    Burke, believes that some leaders will push the line that, by tackling rising temperatures, you remove one of the causes of terrorism.

    Unlike at Copenhagen, the French organisers are bringing the leaders in at the start of the conference rather than waiting for them to come in at the end, a tactic which failed spectacularly in the Danish capital.

    The Oslo Times


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