Paraguay: Protesters set Congress ablaze

    Paraguay: Protesters set  Congress ablaze

    April 1, Asunción: A large crowd of demonstrators in Paraguay have set fire to the country's congress amid violent protests against a bill that would let the president seek re-election.

    Reports state that the head of the main opposition party said an activist had been shot dead. The country's 1992 constitution, introduced after 35 years of dictatorship, limits the president to a single five-year term.But sitting President Horacio Cartes is trying to remove the restriction and run for re-election.

    Protesters were photographed smashing in windows of the congress building in Asuncion on Friday night and setting fire to the interior, the  protesters  reportedly "ransacked" the offices of those who backed the bill.

    Similarly,the opposition crowd that deemed the measure illegal was confronted by police wielding water hoses. As the violence intensified with activists breaking windows of the Congress building, the officers also fired rubber bullets.

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