Pakistan executes four men over Peshawar school attack

    Pakistan executes four men over Peshawar school attack

    Dec 2, Islamabad: Four men involved in the massacre of an army school which killed more than 150 people mostly schoolchildren last year have been executed.

    The men were sentenced to death by a military court and are the first to be hanged in relation to the attack. The decision came weeks before the anniversary of one of country’s worst ever terrorist attacks.

    Taliban militants stormed the Army Public School in the north-western city of Peshawar on 16 December 2014.

    The massacre prompted a crackdown on Islamist militants, the establishment of military courts to try terror suspects and the resumption of capital punishment after a six-year moratorium, BBC news report said.

    One of those killed was Maulvi Abdus Salam, whose house the gunmen stayed in before the attack was launched. The other three – Hazrat Ali, Mujeeb ur Rehman and Sabeel, also known as “Yahya” – were said to have facilitated the attack.

    They all admitted their involvement in the school attack and other plots, including attacks on Peshawar’s airbase, terrorism fundraising and killing soldiers.

    Two other men were also sentenced to death whilst a seventh man was awarded a life sentence.

    The Oslo Times


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