Pakistan arrests 42 suspects with IS supporters

    Pakistan arrests 42 suspects with IS supporters

    Jan 4, Islamabad: Pakistan’s counter terrorism officials in eastern Punjab province have arrested 42 militant suspects with alleged links to the Islamic State group.

    Pakistani law minister Rana Sanaullah said that the arrests were the result of raids in four Punjab cities over the weekend.

    He said that those arrested had been tasked with setting up sleeper cells for IS, and that those arrested include purported IS Islamabad chief Amir
    Mansoor, his deputy Abdullah Mansoori and the group's chief for Sindh province, Umer Kathio.

    The minister said the raids also yielded IS literature and weapons.

    The operation against alleged IS militants was launched after a raid last week in Daska district, also in Punjab province, when 13 other IS suspects were arrested.

    The Oslo Times


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