Oxfam says $1.9B in Ebola aid not delivered by donors

    Oxfam says $1.9B in Ebola aid not delivered by donors

    Jan 31, Abidjan: International donors have failed to deliver funds promised to help West African countries recover from the Ebola epidemic that killed more than 11,000 people, activists have said.

    The U.K.-based charity Oxfam on Sunday said that $1.9 billion has not been delivered.

    Even the $3.9 billion in aid that was delivered has been hard to track because of "scant information," the organization said.

    Oxfam called on donors and the governments of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea to provide detailed information on how aid is being provided, The Associated Press reported.

    The international community has already been criticized for how it handled the crisis.

    Meanwhile, Ebola has not been stamped out entirely. Though the World Health Organization declared the outbreak over on Jan. 14, the next day officials in Sierra Leone reported a new fatality.

    The Oslo Times


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