Overnight flash floods kill dozens in northern Pakistan

    Overnight flash floods kill dozens in northern Pakistan

    July 3, Peshawar: At least 30 people have been killed when heavy monsoon rains overnight triggered flash floods in a remote village in northern Pakistan, close to the Afghan border.

    According to Maghfirat Shah, the mayor of Chitral district, heavy monsoon rains and flash floods washed away a mosque and several houses in Ursoon, an area of Chitral. He said that the four women and five children were among the 30 killed.

    Shah said that the flash flooding hit as people were offering up special Ramadan prayers at the mosque. Dozens of worshippers were swept away in the flood waters, which destroyed the mosque and damaged several nearby houses and a security post.

    The bad weather hampered rescue efforts, but by morning most of the bodies had been recovered and one person had been rescued, Shah said.

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