Over 4,000 people cross Serbia border to Hungary

    Over 4,000 people cross Serbia border to Hungary

    Sept.13, Budapest: Over 4,000 people walked across the border with Serbia hitting a new record on Saturday amid tension in eastern Europe over how to deal with the crisis.

    Europe is struggling to cope with an increasing number of migrants, mostly from Syria, fleeing violence and poverty. Hungary has been criticised for how it deals with those crossing its border.

    Officials estimate that 175,000 migrants have crossed from Serbia into Hungary so far this year.

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has promised to seal the country's borders and arrest any illegal migrants. The country is close to finishing a 4m-high (13ft) fence along the border with Serbia.

    More than 4,000 Hungarian soldiers have been brought in to help police enforce a ban which Orban has ordered must come into effect on Tuesday.

    The Oslo Times


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