Over 200 New Species Found in Eastern Himalayas

    Over 200 New Species Found in Eastern Himalayas

    Oct.6, Thimphu: Researchers in the area have discovered more than 200 new species, including "walking" fish and a “sneezing monkey" in the last 6 years, a new report on wildlife in the Eastern Himalayas said.

    The report made published by the World Wildlife Fund said that the findings were made in Nepal, Bhutan, the far north of Myanmar, southern Tibet and north-eastern India.

    They include the lance-headed pit viper, notable for its orange red and yellow coloring, and a remarkable blue-eyed frog.

    Scientists have found in total 133 plants, 39 invertebrates, 26 fish, 10 amphibians, one reptile, one bird and one mammal in the area over the past 6 years. They have also found a new species of monkey in the remote forests of northern Myanmar.

    The Oslo Times