Obama: "Development is threatened by bad governance"

    Obama: "Development is threatened by bad governance"

    Sept.28, New York: US President Barack Obama has warned world leaders that they will not meet new UN anti-poverty targets without tackling corruption and ending discrimination against women, gays and other marginalised groups.

    Speaking at the launch of the UN’s new sustainable development goals (SDGs) on Sunday in a diplomatic meet Obama said that the issue has been overshadowed by conflicting Western and Russian approaches to Syria’s civil war.

    In his 28-minute speech, Obama said, "Development is threatened by bad governance." He criticised unequal societies and discrimination against women, gays, disabled people, ethnic minorities and other groups.

    He spoke on the final day of a three-day meeting on the SDGs - a blueprint of 17 targets to end poverty globally and tackle other problems that each of the UN’s 193 members has agreed to work towards, voluntarily, until 2030.

    The Oslo Times


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