North Korea to conduct nuclear missile tests soon

    North Korea to conduct nuclear missile tests soon

    March 15, Seoul: North Korea is to conduct a nuclear warhead test and test-launch ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, Kim Jong-un said.

    Such tests, reported in state media on Tuesday, would be in defiant violation of United Nations sanctions that were recently strengthened with the backing of China, North Korea's chief ally, reports said.

    According to North's official KCNA news agency, Kim made the comments as he supervised a successful simulated test of atmospheric re-entry of a ballistic missile that measured the "thermodynamic structural stability of newly developed heat-resisting materials.”

    The agency reports, "Declaring that a nuclear warhead explosion test and a test-fire of several kinds of ballistic rockets able to carry nuclear warheads will be conducted in a short time to further enhance the reliance of nuclear attack capability, he [Kim] instructed the relevant section to make prearrangement for them to the last detail."

    The Oslo Times


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