North Korea presents detained American student to media

    North Korea presents detained American student to media

    Feb 29, Pyongyang: North Korea presented a detained American student before the media on Monday in Pyongyang, where he acknowledged and apologized for attempting to steal a political banner.

    North Korea announced late last month it had arrested Otto Warmbier, a 21-year-old University of Virginia undergraduate student. It said that after entering the country as a tourist he conducted an anti-state crime with "the tacit connivance of the U.S. government and under its manipulation," reports said.

    No details of what kind of charges or punishment Warmbier faces were immediately released.

    Warmbier in a statement on Monday said that he wanted the banner with a political slogan on it as a trophy for the church member, who was the mother of a friend.

    He was arrested while visiting the country with Young Pioneer Tours, an agency specializing in travel to the North, which is strongly discouraged by the U.S. State Department. He had been staying at the Yanggakdo International Hotel, which is located on an island in a river that runs through Pyongyang, The Associated Press reprots.

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