Nigerian Medical team to provide Internally displaced people with medical care

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    Nigerian Medical team to provide Internally displaced people with medical care

    Feb 24, Kaduna: Nigerian medical team from National Ear, Nose and Throat Centre (NECC) will soon visit Camps across North Eastern Nigeria to offer Ear, Nose and Throat treatment to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the region.

    There are over 2 million IDPs displaced by the seven year old insurgency from Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states and many were killed.

    many of the IDPs that fled their towns and villages are still living in camps under the care of both Nigerian government, International and local charity organizations.

    Which was why the Medical Director of National Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Dr Aminu Bakari said the team from the centre will definitely offer such medical treatment to victims of the crisis.

    According to him, each time there is a bomb blast ear is mostly first affected part of human body.

    " We feel the treatment will go a long way to reduce the trauma these IDPs  went and are still going through. We know that each time there is a bomb blast, the ear is first affected and so we want to visit their camps to assist with ENT treatment," he said.

    He also explained further that  majority of Nigerians are still ignorant of ear discharge or Ear, Nose and Throat illness and they think it cannot be cured.

    According to him, many children are still dying from ear discharge illness, particularly in rural areas because in most cases such parents take ear discharge to be meningitis.
    The medical director therefore urged parents to always bring their children with ear, Nose and throat problem for check up in the centre.

    He disclosed this when he received a delegation from Nigeria Union of Journalists Kaduna State Chapter, led by the chairman Comrade Garba Muhammad to the ENT Centre in the state.

    Dr Aminu lamented that Nigeria has less than 200 Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists in the country.

    " Lack of adequate man power  is our major challenge in West Africa because presently Nigeria has less than 200 ENT specialists across the country. I think in year 2008 when I came back to Nigeria we have less than 20 ENT specialists in the North.

    " ENT is a difficult specialty and required so many new modern equipment to treat such illness. It took 6 to 7 years to train a ENT specialty. This is why not all medical doctors want to be trained on ENT." We need more man power in the centre because ENT is an area of specialty that needed more specialists to train. Our Consultants and other sub-clinical staff would need to be further trained to sub-specialize areas of specialty," he said.

    Earlier, Kaduna State Chairman of the NUJ, Comrade Garba Muhammad said the National Ear Care centre is under reported by the media based in the state.He also expressed readiness to partner with the ENT centre to sensitize and educate  Nigerians on the illness.

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