Nigeria army killed 347 Shia followers of Zakzaky: Report

    Nigeria army killed 347 Shia followers of Zakzaky: Report

    Aug.2, Abuja: A public inquiry on Monday accused the Nigerian army of killing 347 Shia Muslims and dumping them in a mass grave in the northern city of Kaduna late last year, reports said.

    Two days of violence began on December 12 when Shia worshippers attending a religious ceremony obstructed the convoy of Nigeria's chief of army staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai.

    According to 193-page report, which is available online said: "The Nigerian Army used excessive force." In total 349 people were killed including one soldier and one Shia worshipper who died later in custody.

    The commission, setup by the Kaduna state government, said those responsible for the killings should be prosecuted, confirming the conclusions of an earlier Amnesty International report. "The Commission therefore recommends that steps should immediately be taken to identify the members of the NA (Nigerian Army) who participated in the killings ... with a view to prosecuting them," it said.

    Amnesty International accused the army of deliberately shooting dead the Shia followers of pro-Iranian cleric Ibrahim Zakzaky, burying them in mass graves and destroying evidence of the crime.

    The military maintains that its soldiers acted according to the rules of engagement after the crowd attempted to assassinate Buratai, Al Jazeera reported.

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