Nigeria: Nigerian Labor Congress Protests against electricity price hike

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    Nigeria: Nigerian Labor Congress Protests against electricity price hike

    Feb 9, Abuja: The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), has protested the recent  increase in electricity tarrif by the country's  Electricity Distribution Company.

    The labour union on Monday sealed up  the headquarters of the company located in Kaduuna state north West part of the country.Although  the entrance of the company was guarded by a detachment of police personnel to foretold any breakdown of law and order by the protesting labour officials.‬

    Electricity Distribution company recently increased its tarrif which the labour union rejected, saying the new terrif  will add to the suffering of less privilege Nigerians workers.

    ‪An NLC official, Mallam Shehu Mohammed told Oslo Times  that they sealed up the company's entrance to force the company to reverse to the old tariff to enable Nigerians be able to pay their bills regularly.‬

      "This protest will continue so long as the government refused to listen to the cry of Nigerians because this is not the change we voted for.‬

    ‪"We believe as workers and citizens of this country that President Mohammadu Buhari has a listening ear to the yearning and aspirations of Nigerians towards ensuring a better environment for people to live in."‬

    ‪ The electricity company In a statement by its head of corporation communication department   Abdulaziz Abdullahi, said  the Managing Director of the company, Engineer Garba Haruna, has called on the Labour Congress and the Trade Union congress to stop their planned picketing of distribution companies as the nation cannot afford any disruption to power for now.

    The statement explained, "The current economic challenges facing the country makes the planned action of the labour movements ill-motivated and counterproductive."

    According to Engineer Garba, all stakeholders must join hands together to consolidate on the success achieved with the privatization of the power sector.‬

    ‪“For the first time in the history of Nigeria’s power sector, electricity generation has hit an all-time high of 5,075MW, demonstrating the evolution and progress in the capacity of the sector to meet the country’s power needs, a major requirement in the drive to grow the nation’s economy and improve quality of life," he contended.‬

    ‪Engineer Garba reiterated that the new tariff regime recently approved by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission is not only about tariff increase.

    “It is a comprehensive master plan aimed at having a cost reflective tariff for the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry. The new tariff will enable the actors in the electricity value chain (generation, transmission and distribution companies) to cover the cost of their operations and attract further investment in the power sector.‬

    ‪"It shall also guarantee sustainable growth in the power sector and ensure stable and qualitative power supply across the country.‬

    The Oslo Times


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