Nigeria: Global peace foundation broker peace among communities in Southern kaduna

    1454093731394.jpg By Mohammad Ibrahim
    Nigeria: Global peace foundation broker peace among communities in Southern kaduna Cross section of participants at the peace meeting in Southern Kaduna organized by Global Peace Foundation Nigeria.

    Goska, Ambam, Bakin Kogi and Dangoma communities of Jama’a Local Government Area in the Southern part of Kaduna State have agreed to put aside their past and unite towards fighting a common enemy. 

    The resolution was reached when a Non-Governmental Organization, Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nigeria brokered a peace and reconciliation meeting with leaders of the four (4) communities held at the Nomadic Primary school Dangoma this Wednesday 8 th February 2017. 

    The meeting had in attendance over 70 representatives of Community Development Associations, Traditional Rulers and Youth Leaders.

    Speaking at the meeting, the District Head of Ambam, Mr Hosea David Dodo commended the four communities for agreeing to come to a round table to dialogue despite recent happenings that led to the loss of lives and properties and urged other communities experiencing attacks to follow suit.

    He appreciated the efforts put in by the GPF Nigeria to make the meeting a success and appealed to other well meaning organizations to join the campaign of peace for improved socio-economic growth.

    Country Director, GPF Nigeria, John Oko lamented the spate of killings in Southern Kaduna pointing out that no amount of violence can solve the problem of a community, rather it destroys, thereby leaving a negative history for the community.

    He expressed the commitment of the Foundation to continue to broker peace amongst all affected communities through its ‘One Family Under God’ Campaign and called for maximum support and cooperation from leaders and members of the communities.

    Earlier, the two Northern Co-coordinators of GPF Nigeria, Rev. John Joseph Hayab and Sheikh Halliru Abdullahi Maraya drew the attention of the people to the importance of recognising that as human beings we all belong to one ancestral parents of Adam and Eve, which makes us brothers and sisters in the eyes of God the creator.

    They advised the people to always seek to address their problems through dialogue instead of resorting to violence which may not be the solution to their problems.The Northern Co-coordinators also appealed to the people to avoid shifting blames and spreading rumours all in the name of giving a “dog” a bad name as well as to ensure they adhere to the tenets of their religions for lasting peace.


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