Nigeria: Cleric calls on Human Rights Organizations, UNICEF to end Child Rape in Local communities

    1454093731394.jpg By Mohammad Ibrahim
    Nigeria: Cleric calls on Human Rights Organizations, UNICEF to end Child Rape in Local communities Hundreds of Nigerian children suffer rape..Photo Mohammad Ibrahim

    Feb 18, Abuja: Nigeria's based Christian cleric and Peace Advocate, Pastor Yohana Buru has joined other clerics in the country in calling on International Human Rights Organizations including UNICEF to protect children against rapists in the country.

    Cases of child abuses and rape worries parents and community leaders in the Africa most populated nation as hundreds of children rights are abused daily.Silence by Network for Child Rights protection, Council of Imam andUlamas, Ministry of women Affairs  to ensure rapists are punish led to the increase of such offences in the country.

    .Recently a 7 year old  boy in Mararrabar Jos a Kaduna community  was turned to a  sex machine by a 40 year old fish seller in the community.

    "I was expecting to hear Human rights organizations and Religiousleaders including authorities to show  concern on the healthstatus of the young boy now that he couldn't excrete normally but nothing was heard from them" he said.

    The ugly incidents of rapists targeting children  hindered  their education in the entire northern states as parents are now reluctant to send their children to schools.

    Pastor Buru believes it is high time for both Nigeria's Ministry of Women Affairs and all the network of Child protection to rise up against all forms of children abuse In the country.

    The responsibilities of Nigeri's Ministry of Women Affairs is Promoting a multi-sectoral programme synergy for the realizationand enhancement of the survival, development, protection and participationrights of children in Nigeria as enumerated in the Child’s Right Act 2003 (CRA).

    The Pastor explained that "we must work as a team to end all forms of childabuses in our society so as to save  children lives from being destroy,".

    It was observed that despite wide spread of the report about the abuse of the boy's rights, authorities still didn't take action against the suspect. But a Local Non-Governmental Organization named ”Arridah Relief Foundation” has already filed a case to shariah court in the state hoping to secure justice for the victim.

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