Nigeria: authorities in Kaduna seal unregistered food, water factories

    1454093731394.jpg By Mohammad Ibrahim
    Nigeria: authorities in Kaduna seal unregistered food, water factories

    (Kaduna) National Agency for Food, Drugs Administration and Control, (NAFDAC) on Tuesday raided and sealed off unregistered bakeries and sachet water factories that did not meet up the requirements for production of goods in Kaduna North-West part of the country.

    Oslo Times observed that while some of the companies fall short of basic registration requirements, others operate below minimum hygienic standard. The agency's officials were accompanied by police during the raid in the state metropolis and other suburbs.

    Among the manufacturing outlets sealed are; A1 Bakery in Kakuri which also has a water company producing Alvine and faking other companies products, Ubas sachet water company in Rigasa, Simfort water in Kakuri among others.

    Head of Kaduna NAFDAC office, Dadi Mullah explained that many of the companies were closed down because it did not meet the minimum requirements for a place where people should be offered water to drink or bread to eat.

    According to him, the places would be Condone off and sealed because it is unhygienic. Some of the products includes the A1 bread and Alvine sachet water and Nena water which is been produced next to a public toilet, Simfort and Ubas water adding that "There were seriously non compliance." Mullah said a decent company should be compliant with adequate materials, not zinc and the production process is suppose to be certified, the personnel should be certified medically and these basic materials are not on ground in many of the places visited.


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