New year celebrations turn into protests in Hong Kong

    New year celebrations turn into protests in Hong Kong

    Feb 9, Hong Kong: The Chinese New Year celebrations descended into chaos as protesters and police clashed at a street market in Hong Kong.
    A police statement issued on Tuesday said that three men between the ages of 27 to 35 were arrested for assaulting a police officer and obstructing police, while another three police officers received hospital treatment.

    Reports state that the riot police had used batons and pepper spray and fired warning shots into the air early on Tuesday after authorities tried to move illegal street vendors from a district in the city.

    Protesters hurled bricks at police as scuffles broke out, while other demonstrators set fire to rubbish bins in the streets of Mong Kok, a gritty neighbourhood across the harbour from the heart of the Asian financial centre.Hong Kong's Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying told reporters at a news conference that the city's government strongly condemns the violence.

    According to reports, the unrest underscores how tensions remain unresolved more than a year after the end of pro-democracy protests in the city.

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