New Jersey Governor Christie criticizes Rubio of being scripted

    New Jersey Governor Christie criticizes Rubio of being scripted

    Feb 7, Washington DC: The New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has attacked Senator Marco Rubio as being inexperienced and scripted during a televised debate in New Hampshire on Saturday evening.

    "You have not been involved in a consequential decision, where you had to be held accountable, you just simply haven't," said Christie, while accusing him of truancy.

    However, Rubio who is fast becoming a favorite for presidential nomination from the Republican Party, fought back by criticizing President Obama for Obamacare and for changing America and making it "like the rest of the world".

    Meanwhile, Donald Trump too found himself getting booed at during angry exchange about government seizure of property  for tell Jeb Bush to Shut up.
    Trump who is currently leading in New Hampshire also stated that he would bring back interrogation techniques "worse than waterboarding"

    The debate in New Hampshire comes just four days before the state picks its presidential nominee in each party.Several of the seven Republicans on stage have staked much on their performance in this state, and there were several points of conflict.

    The Oslo Times


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