Nestle USA calls back products in fear of glass contamination

    Nestle USA calls back products in fear of glass contamination

    March 12, Washington: Approximately three million boxes of DiGiorno pizza and Lean Cuisine and Stouffer’s frozen dinners are being recalled by Nestle over concerns that they may contain glass particles. 

    “We are recalling these products because they may contain small pieces of glass that may cause injury. Although our investigation is ongoing, we believe the source of the glass is spinach that was an ingredient common to the products subject to this recall,” Nestle said in a statement  on Friday.

    Unlike metal that can be easily detected, glass and plastic are hard to find because they cannot be found using a metal detector.According to Mel Kramer, the head of the EHA Consulting Group, Nestle’s task may become more complicated, as glass and plastic can’t be spotted by a metal detector.“They have to figure out if this is a failure of their supply chain, tampering or something as simple as someone dropping a glass in the factory,” he said.

    This is a second blow for Nestle this month, as just last week, Nestle admitted to the possibility of some coffee beans used in its Nescoffee could have been involved slave labor in Brazil.

    The Oslo Times


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