N Korea Yongbyon nuclear site in full operation

    N Korea Yongbyon nuclear site in full operation

    Sept.15, Seoul: North Korea’s main nuclear facility, the Yongbyon complex, which was shot down in 2007, has resumed normal operations, .

    The country was improving its nuclear weapons "in quality and quantity", local media reported. 

    International inspectors banned the complex in April 2009 when North Korea pulled out of disarmament talks. The reactor has been the source of plutonium for North Korea's nuclear weapons programme.

    Experts believe that if re-started, the reactor could potentially make one bomb's worth of plutonium per year.

    Pyongyang has also announced plans to launch a long-range rocket carrying a satellite - something outsiders have described as a military rocket test. Six-nation talks aimed at ending North Korea's nuclear programme have been stalled since early 2009.

    The Oslo Times


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