MSF rejects EU funds over migrant policy

    MSF rejects EU funds over migrant policy

    June 17, Ankara: Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) says it will no longer take funds from the European Union in protest at its migration policy.

    The medical aid charity singled out the EU's deal with Turkey under which Turkey agreed to take back any migrants who crossed the sea to Greece in smugglers' boats.

    The charity in a statement said it has received $63m (£44m) from the EU and its members last year. The number of migrants - many from war-torn Syria - to Europe is at its highest level since World War Two. 

    It said, "MSF announces today that we will no longer take funds from the EU and its Member States in protest at their shameful deterrence policies and their intensification of efforts to push people back from European shores."

    Jerome Oberreit, MSF's International Secretary General, told a news conference that the EU-Turkey agreement went against the fundamental principles of providing assistance to people in need.

    The deal did nothing to address the chronic deficiencies of EU policy, but simply outsourced European obligations.

    The group is concerned that the migrant deal may trigger a global domino effect as other countries could also turn their backs on their obligations.

    MSF said none of its patients would be affected by this decision, and that in the short term it would cover the shortfall from emergency reserves.

    The organisation receives 90 percent of its overall funding from private sources, not governments.

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