MSF leaves Kunduz hospital after air strike

    MSF leaves Kunduz hospital after air strike

    Oct.4, Kabul: International charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) said they have withdrawn from the northern Afghan city of Kunduz, after an apparent US air strike destroyed its hospital. The announcement came on Sunday, a day after the attack killed several hospital staff and patients.

    MSF director of operations Bart Janssens said that the death toll has now reached to 23, including 13 staff and 10 patients.

    The charity says some medics are treating wounded people in other clinics in Kunduz. Afghan troops are reported to have recaptured most of the city, six days after it was seized by the Taliban.

    The hospital was a lifeline for thousands in the city and in northern Afghanistan, MSF said.

    The Oslo Times


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