Moroccans set to vote in crucial parliamentary polls

    Moroccans set to vote in crucial parliamentary polls

    Oct.7, Rabat: Voters head to the polls on Friday for the kingdom's 10th parliamentary elections since independence in 1956 to define a new political map for the North African country.

    About 16 million Moroccans out of the country's 34 million people have registered to vote. They will choose from 30 parties that are competing for power.

    Voters from Morocco's 95 electoral districts will elect members to serve five-year terms in the 395-member Chamber of Representatives, the lower house of parliament.

    The winning party will be tasked by King Mohammed VI to form a coalition government, as the multi-party system makes it impossible for any political party to win an absolute majority.

    Turnout in Friday's elections will be closely watched as an indication of people's trust in the country's politicians, with projections indicating a fair amount of voter apathy expected as in past votes.

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