More Chinese cities issue red alerts for pollution

    More Chinese cities issue red alerts for pollution

    Dec 24, Beijing: More Chinese cities are issuing their first red alerts for pollution in response to forecasts of heavy smog, after the capital, Beijing, issued two times this month following criticism for not releasing them earlier.

    According to the news reports, Shandong province in eastern China issued alerts in four cities after warning that the density of particulate matter in the air would exceed high levels for more than 24 hours.

    The Shandong environmental protection bureau said the alerts started Thursday morning and that kindergarten, primary and middle schools should close and construction of buildings and roads, and demolition work, should stop.

    Meanwhile, the UK and US governments have issued a warning about possible threats against Westerners in Beijing on or around Christmas Day.

    British and US officials have said that they have received information of possible threats in Sanlintun, which is a busy bar and shopping district.

    The Australian and French governments have also urged their citizens to remain vigilant.

    Beijing police have issued a yellow security alert in the city.

    A yellow alert is the second lowest level in China's four-level security alert system.

    The alert means there will be increased security checks in shopping areas, and rubbish bins in public areas will be checked every 30 minutes, state news agency Xinhua reports.

    There were no further details from French, Australian, US and UK officials.

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