Mexico: Six killed in Oaxaca teachers protests

    Mexico: Six killed in Oaxaca teachers protests

    June 20, Mexico City: Six people have been killed and more than 100 other injured, many police officers, in clashes between protesting teachers and police in southern Mexico. 

    The incident took place in the state of Oaxaca, where two high-profile union leaders were arrested last week, accused of corruption. Members of the CNTE union, which has a history of radical activism, have been blocking roads in southern Mexico ever since the union leaders were arrested, authorities said.

    They said that the police were trying to clear the roads when unknown gunmen began firing at both sides in order to create chaos and conflict.

    Mexico's National Security Commission originally said in a statement that the police officers involved in the operation near the town of Nochixtlan were not carrying guns. But federal police chief Enrique Galindo later said that an armed unit was deployed after shots were fired at the police and the protesters by "unidentified people" not linked to the demonstration.

    The state-owned oil company, Pemex, warned on Friday that it might be forced to close a refinery in the area if the highway linking Oaxaca to the capital, Mexico City, remained blocked.

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