Mammoth blizzard hits Eastern America

    Mammoth blizzard hits Eastern America

    Jan 24, Washington: Some 85 million people have been affected by a massive snowstorm that brought much of the eastern US to a standstill.

    At least 11 states in US have been declared emergencies after the blizzard has dumped 40in (102cm) of snow in those areas. All non-essential travel is banned in New York, with officials believing it could be one of the city's worst snowstorms.

    At least 18 deaths - many from traffic accidents - have been blamed on the severe weather since Friday, media reports said.

    In all, 20 states have been affected by the fierce storm.

    Tens of thousands of homes are now without power and traffic jams lasting more than 12 hours were reported in Kentucky and Pennsylvania on Saturday.

    In rural Virginia - parts of which had more than 30in of snow - there were more than 1,000 car crashes and two people died of hypothermia.

    The Oslo Times


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