Malcolm Turnbull sworn in as Australia's new prime minister

    Malcolm Turnbull sworn in as Australia's new prime minister

    Sept.15, Sydney: Australia's former communications minister, Malcolm Turnbull, was sworn in as prime minister on Tuesday, after Tony Abbott was ousted by his party in a leadership challenge on Monday.

    Shortly after Turnbull was sworn in, he assured that his government remained strong despite an internal party revolt that made him the nation's fourth leader in little more than two years and will leave deep divisions in his administration's ranks.

    He was sworn in as Australia's 29th prime minister after a surprise ballot of his conservative Liberal Party colleagues voted 54-44 on Monday night to replace Prime Minister Tony Abbott only two years after he was elected.

    Turnbull told the reporters that, “There's been a change of prime minister, but we are a very, very strong government, a very strong country with a great potential and we will realize that potential working very hard together."

    Turnbull, a 60-year-old former journalist, lawyer and merchant banker known for his moderate views, was party leader for two years before he was ousted in 2009 by Abbott by a single vote in a similar leadership ballot.

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