Love a mysterious game

    1452744692614.PNG By Guru Kedar Baral
    Love a mysterious game

    True love cannot be denied, it exists in every atom and in every molecule that surrounds us and love has been an integral part of this universe from time it was created by god, however explaining love isn’t an easy task as it happens in mysterious ways.

    I personally feel that there can never be a simple way to explain love and feelings that go far beyond ecstasy. I will never forget the time I had fallen head over heels in love with a young girl, back in those day's everything felt sublime, those days, were the best days of my life, as I was mostly immersed in her thoughts and her sweet love was the diet I needed for my hungry soul.

    Slowly, with time became very close and neither of us could even think about staying apart, days flew by at lightening fast speed and when faced problems I would feel like a live electric wire had been pressed into my heart.

    I was not a wealthy young man, and I was someone who would stay miles away from bad habits like smoking and drinking. Despite our closeness I never really knew why she had grown to love me I kept thinking maybe it was because of the social work I was involved in.

    I was so blinded by her love that I never could tell right from wrong, nor did I ever realize what it was that she really wanted.  I was a true romantic who believed in true love.

    I gave up several opportunities that came my way,  just so we could be close, as I considered us to be  two bodies and one soul.  She had entered my life like the soft summer breeze but she left like the harsh winter storm that froze my heart. With each passing day we grew apart, she never turned back nor did she ever realize that I was standing where she had left me for a very long time, waiting for the love that had passed me by.

    Though she left without a goodbye, she left behind a desire in me to define love, though this may be  rather impossible, this mysterious game of hearts which had left me devastated made me ponder deeper into its mysteries.

    Love is beyond all fear, all grief, it’s a longing in the heart that lasts a lifetime. Love isn’t scared of dying it's no wonder people have killed themselves because of love,people have lost their minds because of love, they have suffered from epilepsy ad have been crushed by it time and again, yet we never cease to love. It's dangerous yet mysteriously wonderful, and though its present in every nook and cranny of our lives and societies, we can never explain it.


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