Lockheed Martin to Provide THAAD ground components to UAE

    Lockheed Martin to Provide THAAD ground components to UAE

    June 29, Washington DC: The US Department of Defense said that US defense supplier Lockheed Martin won more than $18 million in foreign military sales to provide the United Arab Emirates with ground components for its THAAD system.

    THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) ground components consist of a truck mounted rocket launcher, radar system and communications links that hook up with other ballistic missile defense systems within THAAD's range of operations, according to published US Missile Defense documentation.

    According to US Department press release “Lockheed Martin Corp., Space Systems Co., Sunnyvale, California, is being awarded an $18,861,310 modification to previously awarded contract for the United Arab Emirates Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) ground components under a foreign military sales contract," the release explained. "The value of this contract is increased from $449,084,987 to $467,946,297."

    The UAE is part of a coalition led by Saudi Arabia that has instituted a trade embargo on Qatar, home to a vital US Central Command installation.

    The Oslo Times International News Network