Liberian boy dies after fresh cases of Ebola

    Liberian boy dies after fresh cases of Ebola

    Nov 25, Monrovia: People in Liberia are living with fear of Ebola virus after one case of virus found in a teenager. 

    The 15-year-old has died due to the virus, the first such death since the country was officially declared free of the disease in September.

    Head of Liberia's Ebola crisis unit Francis Karteh said on Tuesday that the teenager's parents had also tested positive for the virus and were under observation in the capital Monrovia.

    More than 150 people are under surveillance. "The 15-year-old has finally died. He died yesterday," Karteh told the AFP news agency. WHO previously reported that the boy was 10 years old, but Karteh said he was in fact 15.

    It was confirmed last week that the boy and two of his relatives had contracted Ebola, which has killed more than 11,300 people since December 2013 in its worst ever outbreak, mainly confined to the West African nations of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, news reports said.

    The boy fell sick on November 14 and was admitted to hospital three days later in Monrovia, the WHO said. Since the beginning of the outbreak, Liberia has registered more than 10,600 cases and more than 4,800 deaths, according to a WHO report.

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