Leak reveals children sexually abused at Nauru prison in Australia

    Leak reveals children sexually abused at Nauru prison in Australia

    Aug.10, Nauru: More than 2,000 incidents, including sexual abuse, assault and attempted self-harm, were reported over two years at an Australian prison for asylum seekers in Nauru, more than half involving children, the Guardian has reported.

    Leaked documents published by the Guardian Australia on Wednesday detailed the level of abuse at the prison on tiny Nauru, one of two run by Australia on neighbouring South Pacific islands, and showed that children bore the brunt of the trauma.

    The closely protected prisons, and Australia's tough immigration policy against irregular boat arrivals, have been widely criticised by the United Nations and human rights groups.

    Under the policy, asylum seekers intercepted at sea are sent to Nauru and another prison on Manus Island, in Papua New Guinea, and told they will never be settled in Australia.

    The number of refugees and asylum seekers trying to reach Australia is tiny compared with Europe, but immigration has long been an emotive issue in the country and the policy has bipartisan political support, Guardian reported.

    Australia said it was seeking to confirm that all reports had been dealt with by Nauru police.

    Following the claims, the UNHCR renewed a call to remove all refugees and asylum seekers from the prison.

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