Largest aid convoy reaches besieged Rastan in Syria

    Largest aid convoy reaches besieged Rastan in Syria

    April 21, Damascus: The largest aid convoy so far in Syria has reached a besieged rebel-held town in the centre of the country.

    Sixty-five lorries are delivering food and medicine to about 120,000 civilians in and around Rastan, in Homs province, media reports said.

    The International Committee of the Red Cross and Syrian Red Crescent convoy is the first to reach Rastan since 2012.

    A key aim of the fragile cessation of hostilities that has been in place for nearly two months was to allow aid to be delivered more widely across Syria.

    On Wednesday, hundreds of sick and wounded people were evacuated from four besieged rebel- and government-held towns as part of a deal overseen by the Syrian Red Crescent.

    However, such aid operations have been jeopardised by escalating fighting in the country's north-west, particularly around the divided city of Aleppo.

    The Oslo Times


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